professional drone services

Aerobatic Imagery

Here at Aerobatic Imagery, we specialize in piloting our custom professional drones in every aerial situation. Our clients range from real estate agents and event planners to aerospace engineering teams, brides to be and athletes. From aerial videography and photography to payload test flights, data acquisition, and virtual reality content creation we have the experience and equipment necessary to succeed.

FAA Licensed and insured



Our proprietary 16 camera Virtual Reality rig captures immersive 360° 3D stereoscopic footage from 33 feet under water to any legal height above ground


Our drones are engineered to be adapted to any situation with ease. Even if that involves our in-house CAD design, 3D printing, and CNC machining capabilities



From virtual reality cameras to infrastructure inspection and research equipment payloads, we are your drone payload flight specialists



Safety first, second, and third... We run dual GPS units and Lidar systems on our custom drones which means centimeter position accuracy, triple redundant systems throughout, and in some cases a parachute